Wonderment. Serenity. Appreciation. Astonishment.  Our team is embarking on an opportunity to bring awareness to a wide community by providing tours to visit magnificent holy places throughout the world.

You will discover that by visiting each of these countries you will be exposed to a medley of diverse cultures, cuisines, spiritual hikes, devotions and service projects.

All our tours include a service project because we wholeheartedly believe that only by giving back are we participating in a global community. The service projects are voluntary, you do not have to participate.

In the 10 Day tour you will be traveling from north to south (not including where your original destination is from) Wilmette, Panama City, & Santiago. In these locations you will experience three of the most intricately designed Houses of Worship in the world. You will learn the history of how these were built and discover the jewel of a faith that loves and shares.

In the 11 Day tour you will discover incredible Bahá’í landmarks among others as you travel from Frankfurt and soak up the cosmopolitan city. Experience the distinct style of Istanbul visiting the holy places in Edirne and the spectacular scenery of Uganda with wildlife sightings. You will visit the resting place of the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith, Shoghi Effendi while taking in the local highlights of London.

In the 17 Day tour you will be learning about the most alluring and mystique of Eastern religions combined with the magnificent Bahá’í  Houses of Worship that bloom in each country. While visiting New Delhi, Cambodia, Sydney, Honolulu and Apia you will experience the sounds, spices and a spiritual awakening that becomes your own personal discovery.